Episode 17. Interview with Miyuki Baker

"One of the main reasons why I make art is because I seek to create new perspectives and ways of looking at the world. My work is predominantly centered on my various identities—queer, Japanese, Hapa, environmentalist, feminist, etc.—each of which suggests specific imagery and narratives to turn mundane everyday objects into unexpected and beautiful art.  I hope my art will invite intellectual, emotional and physical participation from the viewer." -Miyuki Baker

Miyuki Baker is a freelance artist, journalist, yoga and meditation teacher, barber, translator, seamstress, lecturer and performer.  

Cover Image from one of Miyuki Baker’s zines.   Available on  queerscribe.com  

Cover Image from one of Miyuki Baker’s zines. Available on queerscribe.com 

More about the artist:


Miyuki Baker is a resident of the place where circles overlap. As a queer, multi-racial/lingual female mixed-media artist, she is happiest when working with people who embrace intersectionality. After graduating from Swarthmore College in 2012, where she was involved in queer Asian activism and making art, she received the Watson Fellowship to travel the world in search of queer artists and activists and made 8 zines highlighting what she learned under her publishing house Queer Scribe Productions


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