Episode 18. Interview with Kimi Werner

Kimi Werner is not only an accomplished water-woman, but she is also a successful artist and chef and is currently traveling the world as an Ambassador for Patagonia. 


"Going diving feels like going home, and I hope to cherish it for the rest of my life." -Kimi Werner

Kimi is currently on a quest to learn as much as possible from the simplicity and beauty of the ocean and the people who respect it throughout the world. In this episode we hear Kimi's journey, her challenges and inspirations, and her incredible work and activism through simplicity, community building and care for the environment. 

Here is the conversation with Kimi Werner:

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More about the artist:

Kimi grew up on Maui, Hawaii where her father was a dedicated free-diver. With a craving for the simple life, Kimi followed in her dad’s footsteps, training to become one of the top divers in the nation and winning a U.S. National Spearfishing Championship in 2008.

  • Below is a short film titled Variables, where Patagonia ambassador Kimi Werner strives to find her place in the ecosystem. She treads the line between predator and prey - eventually discovering balance in an unlikely place.

Patagonia Ambassador

Kimi Werner Art

Photo Credits: Allen Carrasco & Courtesy of Jake Marote, Chris Wade, Justin Turkowski

Music featured in this episode byDavid Kahiapo, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, Three Houses Down, Sonny Chillingworth, Hapa, Keola Beamer and Justin Young.