Broken Boxes Podcast is an interview format podcast which centers Indigenous artists, activist focused artists, Queer artists, women identifying artists, artists of color and mixed/lost/stolen heritage artists. Through conversation, each featured artist is invited to share insight, story and their process. This project counteracts the isolation that is often created for artists by our contemporary fetish culture. This podcast platform allows for the artist to speak in their words, about their ideas. 


The intention of the Broken Boxes podcast project and any accompanying text or exhibitions is to center Indigenous artists, activist focused artists, Queer/Trans/NonBinary artists, women identifying artists, artists of color and mixed/lost/stolen heritage artists. This project does not support or promote any one human experience above of or instead of any other, and the approach is to engage in alliance through sharing experience of the artist's process, unfolding all the layers it takes to make each artist a unique creative force. Focusing on the complexity of existence as the beauty of existence, this project explores the points of intersection we all share as intricate human beings and humbly strives to find viable approaches to move forward and see each other in ways that may promote safe space, healing and solidarity. 

At all times consideration and respect is taken for the featured artist, their work, their story and their self identification processing. This project centers artists whose stories are complex, nonlinear and multifaceted, artists who have narratives that challenge a society's predetermination of them. This project acknowledges that there are multiple layers of trauma to work through in relationship to existing in the in-between spaces of an oppressive society, and this project focuses to respect that vulnerability. With this in mind the project's aim is to hold safe space for artists to archive their stories, and to provide a platform for them to speak about their work and lives without any imposed narrative, or proposed approach to format. The space developed for sharing in this way has the goal to also provide insight and inspirations to those engaging in the project as listener/viewer, contributing support cognition for their own existence and contributing to less isolation, anxiety and hesitation when working through the daily deconstructions of an oppressive patriarchal society.


By story and insight delivered in the artists own words, the listener finds out how to maintain the artwork as the life work and unfolds the real process involved in being an artist. The conversation style interview format brings up content which includes; the artist's process in creating their work, self care, how culture plays a role in the work, how art is a tool for affecting change, how the artist must balance personal and professional objectives, how funding for the work must be considered, and how to engage in the large amount of non-art work that is required to sustain life as an artist today. The reciprocal approach to this project gives the listening audience insight, advice and connection, while allowing the featured artist a platform to truly express their views and perspectives on their experience as artist without any restrictions or imposed narrative.

New podcast interviews are released each month, featuring interviews with visual artists of all mediums as well as musicians, activists, DJs, performance artists, community organizers and art collectives. 

Broken Boxes Podcast was the recipient of the 2016 Fulcrum Fund Grant through 516 ARTS


*This is not a profit driven project.


Ginger Dunnill is the founder and producer of Broken Boxes Podcast. Dunnill works in audio composition, sound installation and performance-based art. Her work pushes back on the trauma in relationship to mixed and unknown portions of her own history. Ginger collaborates with artists globally, creating, acknowledging and performing work that inspires human connection and speaks on social justice.

"My life is a series of developing and overlapping journeys. I come from Maui, Hawai'i where much of my family still lives. As many young people in my generation, I grew up with separated parents, and I was living between worlds from my earliest memories. Living between cultures, living between societal expectations and living a journey for self identification within an always changing landscape of peers. I recognize I am mixed and my story is a very broken one, and I want to be clear that my work is not asserting to take up any space that is not mine to hold. I stake no claim as a voice for any Indigenous or Queer cultures and do not speak for my family from Hawai'i or as a representative to that place. I carry no card to prove my worth to anyone who may come for me in a harmful way. I am in the continued process of finding my story, which is complicated and scary and may take my whole life and then I still may be without outcome or clarity. And here I exist. I am humbled by the opportunity to share the stories of other humans who may align with a similar isolation and trauma that I carry with me, and through the work approached in the Broken Boxes project, I aim to provide some type of recognition for the in-between places where folks like me exist." -Ginger