Episode 15. Interview with Valentina Gonzales (VRGNZ)

It was incredibly refreshing to sit down and talk with such an honest, strong and opinionated creative mind as Valentina Gonzales aka VRGNZ. 

VRGNZ. Photo C redit:Travis Duran

VRGNZ. Photo Credit:Travis Duran

Valentina creating a mural on a new ShelterCare facility, Eugene, 2014.

Valentina creating a mural on a new ShelterCare facility, Eugene, 2014.

In this episode, Valentina shares her journey as the artist, the mother, and the human. She reminds us all that as an artist, there is no point A to point B, but it is a long and winding path which, if you are open to receiving, will teach you passion and determination and ultimately could restore your faith in humanity. Valentina is a power house, and if you want to laugh and cry, get motivated to create, or just hear some crazy ass life stories, then listen in to hear Valentina's interview.


Here is the conversation with Valentia Gonzales (VRGNZ):

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All music featured on this Episode courtesy of VRGNZ

More about the artist: 

Valentina, better known in the music and art scene as VRGNZ was born a daughter of Texas music. This Appala Chilean exemplifies diversity not only in heritage, but also in her multi faceted artistic backgrounds. Her Chilean father, a musician and night club owner, and her Kentucky raised mother, a teacher, worked hard to cultivate they're daughters creative spirit. As a teen, Valentina grew with the underground hip-hop movement and after connecting with Chris Calloway, her greatest musical mentor and the daughter of legendary Cab Calloway, Valentina began her journey as an independent artist. Finding experience and passion through recording, traveling, skateboarding, and design, Valentina continues to evolve her artistic pursuits and abilities.