Episode 1. Interview with DJ Inti

Art Beat Conversations is a mix tape of the artist’s process, a collection of ideas and stories that make up the art and give insight into the motivations behind the artist and their work.

In this episode, I talk with DJ INTI. Inti is currently living and Dj’ing in Oakland, CA. He has been working in music stores and collecting records for over 19 years. His connection with music is consuming, in the way all artists must obsessively process life through their chosen art discipline. Inti’s medium is music, specifically, but not limited to vinyl. We begin the conversation by talking about the beginning, Inti’s connection points to music throughout his life, the places and people that inspired him to love music. This is not just an interview, but a collection of stories, insights, and inspirations as seen through he eyes of a DJ and record collector.

Please enjoy the first episode of Art Beat Conversations, and interview with DJ and record collector, DJ INTI.

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About Featured Artist DJ INTI

DJ INTI lives in Oakland, CA. He collects records, digs for records, plays records and loves obscure music. He lives a life of music. DJ INTI has unique and incredible taste in music. When it comes to the mix-tape, he always comes legit, bringing well thought out, thematic, rare and intelligent composition within the mix.

I wanted to highlight DJ INTI as an artist because his type seems to be disappearing. The lover of the hunt for the rare groove, the DJ who straps a crate of vinyl to his bike to ride across Oakland and play to a small bar full of folks who may have no idea the thought behind the musical set they are yelling over. And he continues, he does not falter or 'sell out'. He learns to adapt and incorporate the new technologies where necessary, but he seems to prefer an old disco record to a club banger any day. I felt very strongly this is an Art worth recognizing and understanding. And I want to introduce you all to this fascinating artist.  


It may be because of the dying art of DJ'ing with vinyl, or the lack of interest i see the younger generation has in digging for new music with the physical hand, choosing to like it because it genuinely moves them as an individual, instead of whats popular. Or it could be the 'download your DJ set and play it from your iphone' future, the auto sync, the 'everyone is a DJ' phenomenon... These could be some of the reasons i felt compelled to dig into the mind and lifestyle of DJ INTI. To find out another way of living with music.

And I do feel that folks are beginning to want another way, beginning to see again the beauty in artists like DJ INTI. Perhaps more and more people will fall in love with the thought behind the music that a DJ puts forth. People will remember to consider the time period, the struggle, the good times and the history in a song. People will begin to admire the DJ's journey to un-earth an amazing musical gem, found at a swap meet or in the back of a dusty basement, cleaned up, and carried across town because the DJ was so excited to share this 5 minute glimpse into a feeling, or a time and place, with you and me. It's remembering that music is shared for the love of it all. And i feel like DJ INTI maintains this pure form of art within DJ'ing and collecting records.