Episode 61. Peñasco Theater Youth Podcast Workshop

The Peñasco Theatre is a crucial community and performance space located in Northern New Mexico. Last year Broken Boxes was invited to host a podcast workshop with young people from throughout the area who participated in an annual week-long summer arts intensive. This episode is from the podcast workshop themed 'The Alternative Archive' and presents a collection of stories, poems, teen led interviews, and reflections. This podcast episode also features introduction information about the space and teen camp and self guided interviews by and between artists/educators Freyr A. Marie and India Davis who were project leaders for the intensive. Special thanks to Rebekah Tarin, Alessandra Ogren and the entire Peñasco Theatre Collective for all the important work you continue to do!

Here is the content recorded through the youth podcast workshop:

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More about the Peñasco Theatre Collective summer arts intensive:

The Peñasco Theatre Collective hosts a week-long summer interdisciplinary arts intensive for teens.  2016 was the 3rd year of this overnight workshop comprised of 8 multi-ethnic Northern New Mexico teens ages 13 – 16.  The intent of the process oriented intensive was to provide opportunities for self-discovery, storytelling, skill building, dialogue and empowerment through visual arts, embroidery, zine making, aerial arts, body mapping, examining archetypes and podcasting. Under the guidance of Collective artivists and their collaborators, participants looked at the ways art can inspire, direct and inform movements for community empowerment and transformation. Multi-disciplinary exercises served to create community through deconstructing differences, finding commonalities, and developing tools to translate their ideas and emotions into creative action. 

More about the Peñasco Theatre Collective:

"For the past 16 years artists and performers working through the Peñasco Theatre have dedicated their time, creative energies and unique visions to community building, collective empowerment and social transformation through the arts.

The Peñasco Theatre Collective is committed to lateralized, non-hierarchical leadership centering Xicanx, Indigenous, and queer people of color.  We are committed to creating alternative systems of organizing and ways that actively fight against the capitalist white supremacist system that is at war with the planet and the people attempting to thrive in harmony with it.  We strive to be a true collective that supports and sustains the artists/activists that are part of it, and to be a resource and a refuge for the broader community.

We are humbled by and in awe of all the many powerful movements standing together to shift the narrative – despite the sacrifice, the backlash, and the  uncertainty.  Art has played a vital roll in every social movement on the planet.  Artists are the architects of that collective vision.  And youth artists in particular possess the courage to question, challenge and innovative."