Episode 52. Interview with Marcia Crosby

**It is recommended to listen to this episode in direct relationship with Episode 50 featuring Tania Willard.**

Broken Boxes Podcast is proud to present this episode featuring Marcia Crosby, Tsimshian-Haida writer, art historian, and educator from British Columbia and respondent for Tania Willard. This is the 8th installation in a series of interviews featuring participants and their respondents from the socially engaged project #callresponse

Here is the conversation with Marcia Crosby:

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Music featured in this episode by Laura Ortman

More about the artist:

Marcia Crosby  is Tsimshian-Haida writer, art historian, and educator from British Columbia.  

Marcia Crosby is Tsimshian-Haida writer, art historian, and educator from British Columbia. 

“I can hardly speak your words because I think you might not forgive me for telling the story you wanted kept a secret. Yes, some of our leaders, some of our old people and others on our communities want us to be quiet about life on our social and geographical reserves. They want us to be silent and if we are not we are not family. But your silence deadened me gram. This is about love and anger. This is about sadness and joy. About strength and total collapse of the spirit." -Marcia Crosby

This quotation included in “The Implication of Restorative Justice for Aboriginal Women” is reinforcement for how dedicated Crosby is in making works that offers a spirit, honor and resistance. (sourced from wikipedia)

#callresponse project details:

Strategically centering Indigenous women as vital presences across multiple platforms, #callresponse is a multifaceted project which includes a website, social media platform, touring exhibition and catalogue. The project brings together five local art commissions by Indigenous women artists from across Canada, including Christi Belcourt, Maria Hupfield, Ursula Johnson, Tania Willard and Laakkuluk Williamson-Bathory. Each artist has invited a guest to respond to their work, including Isaac Murdoch, IV Castellanos and Esther Neff, Cheryl L’Hirondelle, Marcia Crosby and Tanya Tagaq.

#callresponse is co-organized by Tarah Hogue, Maria Hupfield and Tania Willard, and produced in partnership with grunt gallery and generously supported by the {Re}conciliation initiative of the Canada Council for the Arts, the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation and The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada. Additional presentation partners include BUSH Gallery, Emily Carr University of Art + Design, FADO Performance Art Centre, Kamloops Art Gallery, OFFTA live art festival, the National Arts Centre, and the Native Education College.