Episode 51. Interviews with Water Protectors from Standing Rock, ND.

What is happening right now at Standing Rock is a crucial historical moment regarding frontline resistance by aboriginal peoples and their allies against extractive industry; these are people who have come to protect the water and environment on behalf of the planet and all human beings.

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Standing Rock, North Dakota to deliver supplies from New Mexico to the water protectors currently on the front lines. Although my stay was very short with a specific trajectory of supply delivery, I took an afternoon to walk around Camp of the Sacred Stones and listen to story from folks who have joined in solidarity and support of this movement. I simply started walking through the camp, with no real proposed outcome, not looking for anyone in particular to speak with. But, wanting simply to engage with the human beings who had come, had made the journey to be here, and listen to why. I found myself engaged in conversation with many brilliant and activated protectors of water. Lakota peoples with ties to the very land the Dakota Access Pipeline is trying to penetrate and disrupt. A first hand account of the initial arrests that had recently occurred and which halted the construction, was also shared with me. I spoke with a Maori water protector, and I found myself engaged in deep conversation with a group of activated protectors from Hawai’i, who had come to stand strong with the movement in recognition of what the importance water or ‘wai' holds for all human beings. The conversations you will hear in this podcast episode are of a moment in time, an afternoon of story and reflection, and I hope they may give us a reminder of the power of collective consciousness. These conversations took place during the simple and powerful act of being present and speak to what is at the core of this fight; that water is life. 

Here are the conversations with Water Protectors at Sacred Stone Camp:

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More about the Water Protectors movement and the Dakota Access Pipeline:

People from across all nations of turtle island and the globe have joined Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s movement against a $3.8 billion four-state oil pipeline that if implemented will disturb sacred sites and impact drinking water for over 8,000 tribal members, not to mention the millions of people further downstream and which would pass through Iowa, Illinois, North Dakota and South Dakota. 

For several months, thousands of people have been taking part in peaceful resistance at the Camp of the Sacred Stones and the Red Warrior camp in North Dakota.

About 30 people have been arrested in recent weeks and direct action and non-violent resistance have successfully stopped construction to this point. A federal judge will rule by Sept. 9, 2016 on whether construction will be halted on the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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