WARRIORS WANTED 7: COME IN A GOOD WAY: Standing Rock, ND. November 26, 2016

This is the 7th episode featuring a collection of audio from live feed Facebook posts of water protectors, providing first hand accounts and information regarding what is taking place as of November 26th 2016.

LISTEN: Rebroadcasts from Standing Rock, ND November 26, 2016:

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"On December 5th, 2016 the Army Corps of Engineers has announced that they will begin evicting water protectors at Standing Rock from the Oceti Sakowin Camp. 
What they failed to acknowledge is that this movement is filled with passion, dedication, prayer, love, and a refusal to give up on what we all know to be right, and to be true. 
If you've been thinking about coming, but have hesitated, come and protect clean water. Stand with us and for mother earth. There is strength in numbers, there is strength in prayer and community, there is strength in marching with your fists open and head held high. 
The hearts of water protectors are the strongest and most powerful that I've ever known and it is an honor to be able to stand with them--join us." -Courtney Cronis

Material rebroadcast here is from the Facebook pages:

Urban Native Era
Prolific the Rapper
Christi Belcourt
Isaac Murdoch
James Uqualla’
Lakota People's Law Project Emergency press conference with Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault II

This rebroadcasting is an attempt to allow this information to reach further than the one media forum of Facebook, to share this story in the way the water protectors creating these live broadcasts have asked us all to. To get the message out into the world, and break media blackout. We are the media. We are all connected. Not one single person can live without water, we are Standing Rock!

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