WARRIORS WANTED: Live from Standing Rock, ND. Oct. 22-24 2016

This episode contains audio from water protectors FB Live stream from in and around Standing Rock, ND from the morning of October 22nd to the morning of October 24th 2016.


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This rebroadcasting of FB live footage from the water protectors through Broken Boxes Podcast is an attempt to allow this information to reach further than one media forum, to share this story in the way the water protectors creating these live broadcasts have asked us all to do. To get the message out into the world, and break media blackout. We are all connected. Not one single person can live without water, we are Standing Rock!

Please share far and wide! Break Media Blackout!!!

Material sourced for this podcast from live video on the following water protector Facebook pages October 22-24 2016, FOLLOW THESE FB PAGES:
Myron Dewey
Honor the Earth
Indigenous Environmental Network
Sacred Stone Camp
Red Warrior Camp
International Indigenous Youth Council
The Anti-media
Prolific the Rapper

Thank you to all those who continue to be the eyes, ears and voices of this moment, keep broadcasting live, we are the media! Stay peaceful! Stay in prayer! History is being made!