Episode 39. Interview with Rulan Tangen

In this Episode we hear how Artist Rulan Tangen holds a deep and thorough understanding of dance as a cultural, artistic, educational and commercial medium that can renew culture, cross-pollinate other art forms, express diversity, inspire social/personal/environmental healing, strengthen communities, integrate language and can have a positive effect towards other components of worldview.

Music featured in this episode by Audiopharmacy

More about the Artist:

Founding Artistic Director of Dancing Earth Creations, Rulan Tangen is a true pioneer of the Indigenous contemporary dance movement. Rulan’s dance background spans professional ballet, modern, opera, circus, television, and film productions throughout the world, as well as being a proud traditional powwow dancer. She dedicates her life to evolving an eco-cultural form of dance, through community-involved workshops and performance that cultivate and inspire leadership in the next generation of Indigenous artists. Working within Indigenous cultures throughout the world, she relates the human experience through the art of movement. Rulan shares her craft through lecture and workshops and as founder of DANCING EARTH-Indigenous Contemporary Dance Creations among many, many other impactful accomplishments. 

Dancing Earth.  Photo by Paolo T Photograpy