Episode 23. Interview with Justin Ray

This Episode marks our One Year Anniversary!

Art Beat Conversations will now be known as Broken Boxes. 

Thank you to all the artists and subscribers for the immense positive response for this project! 

In this episode we come full circle and hear the journey of the DJ in a conversation with DJ 13 PIECES aka Justin Ray. Just as in the very first story featuring DJ INTI, we will dive again into the obsessive world of the DJ, the collector and sharer of music, and learn more about what it takes to be a DJ in todays digital world.  Justin Ray bought his first DJ mixer in the early nineties. Ten years later, Justin created the DJ persona 13pieces. A decade after that, 13pieces created DJ Chopper. They currently live in Santa Fe, NM creating through DJ Culture, Photography, Writing and Graphic Design.



Here is the conversation with Justin Ray:

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Music featured on this episode by: Boards of Canada, Georgio, Blackalicious, Kool DJ E.Q., Moondog, Rob Swift, J Trick, Cut Chemist, Shark Siren, DJ Shadow. End track: ALPHAWOLFSOUP mixed by 13 PIECES 

Stay connected to Justin Ray and hear his selections: