Episode 19. Interview with Wendy Red Star

Wendy Red Star is a visual artist who has worked within and between the mediums of photography, sculpture, installation, performance and design. Red Star’s work layers influences drawn from her tribal background (Crow), daily surroundings, aesthetic experiences, collected ephemera and conjured histories that are both real and imagined.

Indian Summer.   Four Seasons.   Wendy Red Star 2006

Indian Summer. Four Seasons. Wendy Red Star 2006

Music in this episode from Novelle Vague

More about the Artist:

Through Red Star's photographs and sculpture new universes are built, simultaneously urban-rural and high-low with their own language of symbols created from such seemingly disparate sites as HUD houses, rez cars, three legged dogs, powwow culture, proliferative indigenous commoditization, and Red Star's personal collection of memories growing up as a half-breed on the Crow Indian reservation. 

The work represents an insider/outsider view that is wrath with complexity and contradiction, its most salient attributes. Red Star's unruly approach examines a cross section of American cultures and their very consumption while also being a meditation on her own identity. Exploring the intersection between life on the reservation and the world outside of that environment. Red Star thinks of herself as a cultural archivist speaking sincerely about the experience of being a Crow Indian in contemporary society.

find out more about the work of Wendy Red Star on her WEBSITE.

White Squaw series .  Wendy Red Star 2014

White Squaw series. Wendy Red Star 2014

Medicine Crow Ledger Drawing Zoo Softies 2014

1880 Crow Peace Delegation Individual Portraits

Circling the camp series .  Wend Red Star