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Interview with Micah BlackLight

"I am a light-working, illustrating, dancing, singing, rhyming, designing, writing, performing, fashion designing, motivational speaking, empowerment coaching Inspiration Engine. I’m a song masquerading as a poem wearing my skin like a temporary coat. 

I am a full-time papa, a loving partner and an intuitive listener. 

I am bent on positively impacting the world through beautiful interactions and the bringing of my unique art. Part of what I get to do [by being a cultural innovator] is give the world a different perspective on what it can look like to be a black man, what it can look like to be a man period, and what it can look like to be a self-employed, powerfully positive creator who doesn’t necessarily fit within anybody’s box and doesn’t feel the need to.

I am here to create the most brilliant, evocative, challenging, innovative, impactful art I am capable of, to have THE most fun while doing it, and to leave a trail of empowering, inspiring interactions in my wake like a spirit boat traveling the lake of existence." - Micah Blacklight

Micah BlackLight is aiming to transform the face of fiction:

"Long have I been a fan, an avid reader of sci-fi/fantasy. Just as long, I have harbored a bit of a grudge, a chip on my shoulder if you will. I wondered why, if this was fantasy, if these were new worlds and alternate realities, why I continued to see the exact same gender dynamics, power dynamics and sexual dynamics playing out over and over again. 
I wondered where the heroes of alternative gender and ethnic heritage were hiding, and above and beyond all of that, where was all the sex?! No one seems to blink at giving multiple pages of violent, line-by-line descriptions of bloody warfare and enchanted blades wreaking havoc against the flesh of their enemies, but in almost every case, I’d be fortunate to get a fraction of a paragraph about someone’s flesh being pleasured. What is that all about? 
Somewhere along the line, I decided that if the kind of erotica I’d always craved was nowhere to be found, I’d have to create it myself. I wish to fundamentally transform the entire genre of erotic literature with a brand new genre—my own—Fantasensua: explicit, graphically illustrated character and plot-driven erotic fantasy that takes readers beyond mere entertainment and into the realm of the spirit, leaving them empowered, inspired, AND aroused." -Micah BlackLight