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Interview with Nanibah “NANI” Chacon

Nanibah “Nani” Chacon, is a Diné (Navajo) and Chicana artist who was born in Gallup, New Mexico and grew up both in Chinli, Arizona and Corrales, New Mexico. Her clan is To dich iini (bitter water) and born for Nakai Diné (Mexican/ Spanish people.) 

"My current work is based upon notion of the integration and balance. I use this concept to propel both imagery and the content behind the work. The imagery of my work will often consist of two or more images, weather “subject” based or abstract, and allow them to interact with one another on a single plane. In doing this I explore the concept of balance. I integrate the images until I find the harmonious precipice in which they can aesthetically interact, and become one thought. 

The content of my current body of work is an exploration of integrating Dine Philosophy and creation stories with in the context on contemporary culture. I explore this idea by examining symbols within textile patterns of Dine rugs and using them to create a symbolic narration for the characters within my work. Often times the basis coming from traditional areas of thought with in Dine culture, such as Deities, nature, women, animals and creation. These symbols are then put into context by the characters with in the paintings which are depicted in a contemporary style. 

The characters in my work which are often women provide a commentary on women within traditional and contemporary cultures. The subjects become a piece to embrace and confront the natural attributes women possess and add to the forefront of society. I aim to provide a glimpse at women not only in contemporary culture but throughout time, as I feel it is inherent to provide an image for our natural grounding to history, culture and ideologies, and how that has a dialogue with the world at large." - Nanibah "NANI" Chacon

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