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Interview with Rose B. Simpson

Rose B. Simpson was born in Santa Fe, NM, and raised among an extended family of artists in Santa Fe and Santa Clara Pueblo. Her mother; Roxanne Swentzell, a known ceramic sculptor within the Indigenous art world, and her father; Patrick Simpson, a contemporary artist in wood and metal introduced her to the art world at a young age. 

Of both Indigenous and Anglo descent, with art and philosophy primary in both families, she has pursued the pure expression of truth through many forms of art including sculpture, printmaking, drawing, creative writing, music, dance and most recently auto mechnics and paint. Her work often signifies the constant struggle between the two worlds that most modern Indigenous peoples survive through; traditional and the colonist perspective/assimilation. 

"I am realizing that everything that happened, happens, or will happen to me is my manifestation. Instead of feeling like a victim to my predicament, I actively take the initiative to become aware of it, and have the “tools” to deal with whatever comes my way, mostly because I am paying attention. When I pay close enough attention, I realize that I have what I need to deal with even the scariest and most intimidating of circumstances. These tools are not weapons, they are energy- represented in the piece by objects that have been made with intention, actively energized, and placed with vigilance." -Rose B. Simpson

Maria. By Rose B. Simpson Photo by  Kate Russell

Maria. By Rose B. Simpson Photo by Kate Russell

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