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Interview with Thomas 'Breeze' Marcus

Painter and large scale muralist Thomas 'Breeze' Marcus has painted over a dozen murals in the city of Phoenix alone, but he is also known to rock a canvas and mixed-media materials in a gallery setting with ease and grace. His work reflects the woven stories of our lives, and reminds us that everything is connected, that there is no one way to exist. Breeze has chosen the path of a full-time artist and although he goes where his art takes him, he seems most connected with his work when painting large walls or murals, respecting the craft of Graffiti as being one of the great contributors to contemporary art.

Breeze mural detail

Breeze mural detail

"The need for education and knowledge is the greatest social achievement…and is one way to uplift and empower the people back to their feet. To shed truth and light about the way worlds work and why we can and have the infinite potential to make our own world. Finding common ground and acknowledging situation and place. With the platform to speak, express and relate by creating art.. is an extremely potent and complex way of communication. Mental and physical barriers fade away once people begin to let go and unplug from an illusionary reality and get back to the state conscious being." - Breeze

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Tune in for Episode 16, interview with Breeze, airing September 21, 2014.

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