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Interview with Yatika Starr Fields

Yatika Starr Fields. Cover image photo credit: Daniel Tullie. Above image photo credit: Marisa Smith.

Yatika Starr Fields is of the Cherokee, Creek and Osage tribes, a member of the Bear Clan, and was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His Creek name "Yvtekv" means Interpreter, and in interviewing Yatika it becomes apparent how fitting this handle is. In this episode, we learn how Yatika interprets the world through his art, as he recounts travel and inspirations that have shifted his perspectives and created the kaleidoscopic visions apparent in his work. We find out where this inspiring artist comes from, what people and places have influenced his thought process, and what currently motivates his artistic expression. I am truly looking forward to sharing with you the story of Yatika Starr Fields.  Cover image photo credit: Daniel Tullie

'Yatika's work is a vibrant and surreal fusion of Native imagery with both a pop and graffiti art aesthetic.' -Chiaroscuro Gallery 

"I am motivated in my work fundamentally by the search for freedom in all forms. I seek to create a contemporary terrain in the juxtaposition of my living memories. Playing with elements of space and time, I create a synthesis of symbolic objects floating and bending on the canvas at all angles; negating the horizon and the rule of linear experience. In this suspended dichotomy between nature and the urban environment a new world is made. The creation mythology of this space is narrated in my work where Oklahoma meets NYC meets inspirations from travels. In the end, exploding the expectations of current experience." -Yatika Starr Fields

Angelic Harp 2. Yatika Starr Fields

Angelic Harp 2. Yatika Starr Fields

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