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Interview with filmmaker and activist Sophie Rousmaniere


Sophie Rousmaniere has worked as a filmmaker and freelance journalist in the US, Canada, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Guatemala, Pakistan, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. She has produced, edited and directed over thirty documentaries, short films and music videos. Sophie’s work is largely social issue based, having worked on topics from child prostitution in Thailand to environmental issues in the four corners area in New Mexico. Currently Rousmaniere is wrapping up a documentary slated for broadcast on PBS; “Yellow Fever – The Navajo Uranium Legacy”. She has also been busy working on her latest project, " Radio Taboo", a development project and documentary film about Issa Nyaphaga, an artist and activist returning to his small village Nditam, in Central Africa to build a community radio station to address human rights issues.

Tune in for Epidode 11, interview with Sophie Rousmaniere, airing July 10, 2014.

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