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Interview with Amaryllis Dejesus Moleski

I am so proud to be interviewing artist Amaryllis Dejesus Moleski. She is a passionate activist and visionary, yet in the same breath Amaryllis possesses a positive, humble and gracious presence that is whole and rare. Her work is refreshing and unique, inviting the observer to engage further, to look deeper, to feel the warmth in the the color palate, yet understand the complexity of the subject matter.  I look forward to understanding and sharing her process, unfolding how she developed her ability to balance beauty and activated resistance in such a precise and elegant manner. Don't miss this conversation!


Bio excerpt:

Artist, Activist, and Alchemist (by way of creative transformation and the alchemic process of using art as a means to transform poison into medicine) Amaryllis aims to practice the integration of multiple art forms as a way to expose truth through beauty.  She is an experienced muralist, performance poet, playwright, youth organizer, and visual artist.  She is currently pursuing a degree through the Individualized Major program at the California College of the Arts.  Through innovation, integrity, intuition, and intention, Amaryllis has dedicated her life’s work to stand with countless others in the movement that intersects the arts with activism, using creativity and expression as the tools necessary for community liberation, and the means by which we may all realize our sparkling dreams.  

King (Femme Gold)  48x60 mixed media -Amaryllis Dejesus Moleski

King (Femme Gold)  48x60 mixed media -Amaryllis Dejesus Moleski

More on Amaryllis at her website