DJ Were Wulf

I wanted to share some more information about the 'Other Side' of Featured Artist Micah Wesley, The DJ Were Wulf! When I first met Micah Wesley he introduced himself as "The Were Wulf" and showed me to the DJ set up at The Humble warehouse in Santa Fe, NM, where I would be playing records alongside him for an 'art show'. At that moment I knew I had found a friend for life. He was playing vinyl...on turntables! And not playing your average set of genre specific records, but playing what felt good at the moment, shifting from Punk to Electro with a seamless ease only an old Vestax mixer with a built in effects box could achieve. He would take time to sing along, to move around the room, to engage with his surroundings. He would take requests, it they were worthy, and most importantly The Were Wulf kept the party live!  I was like, "Hell Yah!"

DJ Were Wulf holds it down at "The Garage" in Norman, OK.

DJ Were Wulf holds it down at "The Garage" in Norman, OK.

"I play the genres of Old School, 90's Hiphop, Current Rap Crap, Down Tempo(i love), House, Outlaw Country,Rockobilly, a little Punk and a little Metal. I play on 2 turntables, I have a sound system, and I have lights. I am for hire, of course for a huge fee in 3 easy payments and 1 hard payment!!! Waaaay!!!"

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 -Dj Were Wulf

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