The Humble & The Wake Singers

While producing the interview with ceramic artist Cannupa Hanska, (Episode 2, airing March 10th 2014) I couldn't help but feel compelled to include the music of The Wake Singers. The final track of the podcast is by The Wake Singers, titled The Humble  and is a direct reflection of a moment these artists along with artist Cannupa Hanska experienced while attending IAIA in Santa Fe, NM and living collectively in an artists warehouse.

I thought it would be fitting to highlight The Wake Singers because Cannupa Hanska speaks of this time in his interview, but also their music is simply exceptional. If you haven't heard The Wake Singers before, take a minute to listen to this unique and haunting lo-fi folk/rock.

The Wake Singers

The Wake Singers

Doug, Mike and Marty Two Bulls (Oglala Lakota) formed The Wake Singers while attending art school in Santa Fe, NM. The trio are cousins from Red Shirt Table, SD. Located on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. They have been known to play live on rare occasions and prefer to record lo-fi rock/folk songs.

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