DJ Were Wulf

I wanted to share some more information about the 'Other Side' of Featured Artist Micah Wesley, The DJ Were Wulf! When I first met Micah Wesley he introduced himself as "The Were Wulf" and showed me to the DJ set up at The Humble warehouse in Santa Fe, NM, where I would be playing records alongside him for an 'art show'. At that moment I knew I had found a friend for life. He was playing vinyl...on turntables! And not playing your average set of genre specific records, but playing what felt good at the moment, shifting from Punk to Electro with a seamless ease only an old Vestax mixer with a built in effects box could achieve. He would take time to sing along, to move around the room, to engage with his surroundings. He would take requests, it they were worthy, and most importantly The Were Wulf kept the party live!  I was like, "Hell Yah!"

DJ Were Wulf holds it down at "The Garage" in Norman, OK.

DJ Were Wulf holds it down at "The Garage" in Norman, OK.

"I play the genres of Old School, 90's Hiphop, Current Rap Crap, Down Tempo(i love), House, Outlaw Country,Rockobilly, a little Punk and a little Metal. I play on 2 turntables, I have a sound system, and I have lights. I am for hire, of course for a huge fee in 3 easy payments and 1 hard payment!!! Waaaay!!!"

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 -Dj Were Wulf

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Can being an addict be a good thing?

This month I am talking about the art of the DJ and Record Collector. Highlighting material I feel coincides with this obsession, this passion to dig for records. To play obscure over mainstream. 

Awhile back, I came across this book Vinyl Junkies: Adventures in Record Collecting by Brett Milano. I wanted to share it because i feel like it is a very intimate glimpse into the world of the Record Collector. 


'Author Brett Milano details the mystique, adventure, addiction and insanity of record collecting. Maybe it's you he's writing about. Anyone who's fallen for this hobby of collecting vinyl ought to read this one. And if it's turned into more than a hobby - if record collecting has become your obsession, then you'll NEED Vinyl Junkies. Milano's book is filled with first-hand accounts of true vinyl junkies, who tell their stories of prized finds, strange dealings and what records have meant to them. The book includes interviews with Peter Buck of R.E.M., Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, Robert Crumb and many other collectors.' -goodreads

-Podcast interview with DJ INTI of Oakland, CA. Airing February 21, 2014-

February Artist Feature: DJ INTI


Check out his sounds HERE



-Podcast Interview Airs Feb. 21, 2014-

DJ INTI lives in Oakland, CA. He collects records, digs for records, plays records and loves obscure music. He lives a life of music. DJ INTI has unique and incredible taste in music. When it comes to the mix-tape, he always comes legit, bringing well thought out, thematic, rare and intelligent composition within the mix.

I wanted to highlight DJ INTI as an artist because his type seems to be disappearing. The lover of the hunt for the rare groove, the DJ who straps a crate of vinyl to his bike to ride across Oakland and play to a small bar full of folks who may have no idea the thought behind the musical set they are yelling over. And he continues, he does not falter or 'sell out'. He learns to adapt and incorporate the new technologies where necessary, but he seems to prefer an old disco record to a club banger any day. I felt very strongly this is an Art worth recognizing and understanding. And I want to introduce you all to this fascinating artist.  

It may be because of the dying art of DJ'ing with vinyl, or the lack of interest i see the younger generation has in digging for new music with the physical hand, choosing to like it because it genuinely moves them as an individual, instead of whats popular. Or it could be the 'download your DJ set and play it from your iphone' future, the auto sync, the 'everyone is a DJ' phenomenon... These could be some of the reasons i felt compelled to dig into the mind and lifestyle of DJ INTI. To find out another way of living with music.

And I do feel that folks are beginning to want another way, beginning to see again the beauty in artists like DJ INTI. Perhaps more and more people will fall in love with the thought behind the music that a DJ puts forth. People will remember to consider the time period, the struggle, the good times and the history in a song. People will begin to admire the DJ's journey to un-earth an amazing musical gem, found at a swap meet or in the back of a dusty basement, cleaned up, and carried across town because the DJ was so excited to share this 5 minute glimpse into a feeling, or a time and place, with you and me. It's remembering that music is shared for the love of it all. And i feel like DJ INTI maintains this pure form of art within DJ'ing and collecting records. 

I look forward to sharing the interview with you all on Feb. 21, 2014.