Secrets of the Invisible

Being a DJ and record collector myself, I am in a constant search for those divine albums that can be added to the area of my music collection titled 'never get's tired'. Secrets of the Invisible, written and produced by Cloud Face has definitely found a home in my 'favorites'. With it's elegant and precise production, each song on the album compliments and builds on the previous, creating a story type experience that many albums fail to accomplish today.

In ABC's Episode 9 podcast, we feature the multi-faceted Navajo/Hopi artist Patrick 'Cloud Face' Burnham. While music production is only a small slice of his creative pie, in my humble opinion, it stands as one of the more intriguing aspects of his work, and an element I hope we see more of in the future.

Secrets of the Invisible. Cloud Face

Secrets of the Invisible. Cloud Face

His first full length release, Secrets of the Invisible continues to inspire and evoke emotion and unfold new layers and depth with each listen, and has remained in my media player since I received a copy several years ago. 

We can expect a new album from Cloud Face in the near future, but in the mean time, pick up Secrets of the Invisible and put it in your rotation! You will only wish you had sooner!

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