Let's start with the Basics.

Greetings internets!

My name is Miss Ginger and I will be your host on a journey into the mind of the artist.

My goal with this blog/podcast collection is to allow you to understand the process behind the work of an artist.

If you could sit down and pick the brain of someone whose work you admire, or who's lifestyle or passion you are intrigued by, what would you ask? What would you want to know? Where would you want a conversation to take you?

WIth this project, I hope to unfold simple yet inspiring answers about understanding the process of the artist. I hope to find the beauty that is made out of the mundane and the methodical. The brilliant activated artist lifestyle that is pushed from obsession and repetition, from being an outsider, not saying yes, but asking why. I want to know what makes the human make the art. 

I will release a new podcast interview each month beginning in February 2014. Each month leading up to the podcast release i will post blog entries pertaining to the type of work and world that the upcoming artist is related to.

I will be covering a wide range of subject matter with the main thread being The Artist themselves and their process. I will talk to Visual Artists of all mediums, Musicians, Activists, DJ's, Performance Artists, Art Collectives and anyone who I find that is so inspired by their work that they cannot do much else in this life. The goal is to find out what is behind the art. What is the process that makes the human make the art.

So let's see what happens!